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From time-to-time the Sydney Jung Society advertises third party events and services which we think will be of interest to our members and friends. We are happy to offer an avenue for promotion and enrichment within the Jungian community , but publishing information on this page does not represent an endorsement or guarantee by the Sydney Jung Society.


Gender Fluidity in a Contemporary Jungian Psychoanalytic Context


Invitation to clinicians and trainees


7th APRIL 2018 9.00-3.45

Three ANZSJA Jungian analysts Katina Ellis (Canberra), Kerrie Kirkwood (Sydney) and Jo Violet (Melbourne) present their clinical experience and current thinking about gender fluidity within the analytic relationship. Each has a depth of experience working with gender issues with children, adolescent or adult clients including transgender clients and those who are exploring the complex issues associated with gender identity and sexual orientation. This seminar is an opportunity to re-examine ideas about gender, trauma and the formation of self.

Date: Saturday 7th April 2018
Times: 9.00am to 3.45pm
Venue: Sydney University Village. 90 Carillon Ave, Newtown.
Cost: $220 (inc. GST) $200 (inc GST) Early bird/student if booked before 15 March 2018.

No refund for cancellation after 25 March 2018.
NB: 3.45-4.30: There will be an opportunity post the seminar for an information session regarding the next iteration of ANZSJA Analytic Training.

For bookings, further details, or to be placed on the ANZSJA mailing list please contact  joynorton@mountainpsych.com.au
or leave a message on +61 3 9751 1941 (Enrolment is at ANZSJA’s discretion).

  Maui the Fisherman  ,   Dietrich Varez

Maui the FishermanDietrich Varez

Sandplay Therapist, Process and Neural Integration - even more from ANZ-STI’s well-loved 2017 Teacher

Maui, Alchemy and Transformation in Sandplay Therapy

March 23-25 2018

Maui, the Polynesian demi-god hero, shape shifter and bringer of light, harnesses the elements of wind, sea, earth and fire for the wellbeing of his people.     

In ancient times the transformation of base elements into gold was the calling of alchemists.   Fascinated by the study of alchemy, Carl Jung recognised this ancient pursuit as the psychological process of transformation, impacting the elements utilized and the alchemist.

The role of the myth of Maui in Sandplay to guide a young man from the darkness of immense traumatic grief to the light of his own psychological birth will be explored, - as will the role of the Therapist.

Participants will discover how connecting to the elements in concrete form fuels the integration of physical, neurobiological and psychological healing and transformative processes in Sandplay Therapy.

 Lorraine R. Freedle, Ph.D., ABPdN, CST-T is a board certified pediatric neuropsychologist, psychotherapist, trainer in the Neurosequential Model of Thera-peutics® (NMT), and teaching member of the STA/ISST. Dr. Freedle is the Clinical Director of Pacific Quest, an outdoor behavioral health program on the Big Island of Hawaii with a focus on holistic healing. She also practices and teaches in Hilo Hawaii and around the world. She has published numerous professional journal articles and chapters, and currently serves as Research Editor for the Journal of Sandplay Therapy.

For more information and to register: http://stanza.asn.au/




Archetypes: unconscious forces that shape our lives


AusAPT NSW/ACT Event – Saturday 10 March 2018

Presenter: Mary McGuiness

  Archetypes are images and thoughts which have universal meanings across cultures which may show up in dreams, literature, art or religion. Jung believed that the symbols from different cultures are often very similar because they have emerged from archetypes shared by the whole human race. Jung understood archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious.

They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness. They are often incarnated as characters in myths, novels and films, and act as motivations for our behaviour. They include such images as the mother/caregiver, wise old man, the seeker, the innocent, the warrior and clown/joker, and more.

 For Jung, our primitive past becomes the basis of the human psyche, directing and influencing present behaviour. If these archetypes remain unconscious they can control our behaviour and lead to serious dysfunction. We can learn to harness the energy of the archetype to improve our life and career. In this introductory session we will look at some of the archetypes described by Jung and Carol Pearson and reflect on how they influence us using examples from literature, films, history and our own lives

  Venue: Yang Room, Urban Hotel , 194 Pacific Hwy, Greenwich (St. Leonards)
1.00pm – 3.00pm Saturday 10-3-2017
you could stay until 5.00pm if you’d like to continue the discussion)
AusAPT members $10.00  Non-member $25.00  (Collected on the day)

RSVP: Fusae Harada 0407 280 965 by March 5

About the Presenter: Mary McGuiness is one of Australia's most experienced psychological type practitioners and consultants to organisations and educators. She is a published writer and authority on psychological type and behaviour in organisations. Mary established the Institute for Type Development (ITD), a national training organisation which has been the leading provider of type assessment accreditation in Australia for 25 years.