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Special Event: ARAS and the Cultural Complex in Images and Words with Thomas Singer, M.D.

  • Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Level 1, 280 Pitt St Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)

Celebrated international Jungian analyst and author Thomas Singer will present on two of his lifelong interests—the ARAS Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism and the Cultural Complex project and will tease out the nature of their interconnectedness.

In the past few decades, Tom has focused on a number of projects in addition to his clinical practice as a Jungian analyst:  the relationship between ancient Greece and modern psyche which in recent years has led to his co-producing conferences on that theme in Santorini Greece, the development of ARAS (The Archives for Research into Archetypal Symbolism), and research on the theory of Cultural Complexes. 

The first part of Tom's talk will relate to the ARAS project. Since his early days as a medical student in the mid-late 1960’s when he first entered Jungian analysis, Tom has been interested in dreams, images, and what in the Jungian tradition  is called amplification—the elaboration of symbolic dream material with images from one’s own and other cultures and eras that add a depth of meaning and experience to dream interpretation.  Tom will use one of his own seminal dreams from that time to talk about ARAS and amplification. 

The second part of Tom's presentation will be on Cultural Complexes. He will describe the basic concept and give an example of how the notion works by presenting as an example the split between Islam and the West.  In both the discussion of ARAS and the Cultural Complex, Tom will introduce the projects simply and give an example of each in the hopes that it will stimulate the audience to want to learn more.

Remember: You don't have to book for Thomas Singer's presentation. We look forward to seeing you on the night.

Thomas Singer, M.D.

Thomas Singer is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst and author.  He attended Princeton University and majored in Religion and European Literature.  He trained at Yale Medical School, Dartmouth Medical School, and the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. 

He has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1970. He writes on Jungian theory, politics, and psychology, and his recent books include The Vision Thing: Myth, Politics and Psyche in the World (2000); The Cultural Complex: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives on Psyche and Society(2004); Initiation: The Living Reality of An Archetype (2007);  Psyche and the City: A Soul’s Guide to the Modern Metropolis (2010); Ancient Greece, Modern Psyche (2011) with Virginia Beane Rutter. 

His newest books, Placing Psyche: Exploring the Cultural Complexes of Australia (2011) and Listening to Latin America (2012), explore cultural complexes in a Spring Journal Books Series.

Date: 19 April 2016
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Venue: Level 1 Sydney Mechanics' School
of Arts, 280 Pitt St, Sydney
Cost: Members $15 Non-Members $25 Non-Member
Concession $20

*Psychotherapists and other practitioners can obtain credit for Professional Development hours recognised by CAPA, PACFA and ACA for this presentation.