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The myth of Demeter and Persephone and the archetypal necessity for descending into Hades - with Kristina Dryza

  • Mitchell Theatre, SMSA 280 Pitt St Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia (map)

Among other of their attributes and purposes, myths offer us a larger context within which to lay our individual suffering. Archetypal figures convey the universal, ancient and impersonal, and within this container they bestow on us a map, which enables us to better navigate ourselves and make sense of the world. Our suffering finds a place, it has necessity. It belongs on our transformative inner journey. We know ourselves (‘Know Thyself') by knowing the archetypal patterns, for we are patterned beings in a patterned universe.

Everyone (who has lived some years!) has their own narrative about going to hell and back . . . of descending into Hades, encountering and meeting its darkness and returning again. This death and rebirth pattern is a constant theme in myths, for as Voltaire said, "It is no more surprising to be born twice than once - everything in nature is resurrection.”

This evening we will explore the myth of Demeter and Persephone and ask: How does the soul come to love that which lives in the underworld? How are we even acquainted with and initiated into this subterranean realm? Why is it necessary to be abducted from our intense identification with Demeter’s life lived on the surface to encounter Hades and all that lies below? And can, like Persephone, we belong to and partner with both the upper and underworld?

Kristina Dryza is recognised as one of the world’s top female futurists and is also an archetypal consultant and published author.

 Date: 13th July 2018
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Venue: Mitchell Theatre Level 1 Sydney Mechanics' School
of Arts, 280 Pitt St, Sydney
Cost: Members $15 Non-Members $25 Non-Member
Concession $20

*Psychotherapists and other practitioners can obtain credit for Professional Development hours recognised by PACFA and ACA for this presentation.